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We offer advertising on our portal for your business

It is very simple to start advertising with us. Create an advertisers account by clicking here. Keep your details handy as you will need these to review how your advert is doing later.

You can choose the type of advert you would like. We offer two different advertising spaces to suit your business needs, whether you simply want to get your name out there or want to provide further information, our solutions should be able to accommodate both.

How to create an advert on Waseka

Once you have created an advertisers account, to create your first ad, follow the instructions below.

Choose the Advert type

We offer a main listings banner where your advert will be placed at the centre of attention between the properties. We also offer a smaller banner which appears on the side of the listings results page.
Advertisement - Choose Advert

Have you got an advert ready to upload or want to start from scratch?

For pre-made adverts you can directly upload the adverts – just make sure it fits the size requirements depending on the advert type you chose. Alternatively, you can make a custom advert with us for no additional costs by choosing multiple images such as your logo and put text to state what your business offers.

If you would like support on producing an advert image, please contact us at: advertising@waseka.co.uk, sending us your business details, including your logo, images, specific text wordings and also the colour scheme you would like us to go for. We will get in contact soon after we have received these details.

Advertisement - Select ready Advert or custom Advert

Choose where to run your advert

Your advert will be shown in a location of your choice. Simply enter the postcodes in which you want the advert to be seen.
Advertisement - Choose where to run your advert

Preview and confirm your order

Check the advert image for any typos and make sure everything is as it should be and then confirm the order. It should appear shortly after you have submitted your order and will be reviewed by our team.

Monitor and manage your advert

To check the performance of your advert, simply login to your account.

For any quick query, please send us email...