Rise in Homes for Sale with Electric Car Charging Points

Increase in Homes for Sale with Electric Car Charging Stations

Sales on Waseka indicate there has seen a significant increase in the number of homes for sale with electric car charging points. In the last year, the number of homes mentioning such features doubled. With the recent energy crisis, some people do still prefer driving an old-fashioned gas-powered car. So, it makes sense that there is a growing trend for new-build homes to come with this technology.

Despite the rising prices for electric cars, a rising number of homes for sale with electric car charging points are likely to appeal to green home buyers. There is a significant increase in the number of homes for sale in Great Britain with such amenities. Some estate agents are also highlighting the addition of electric car charging points in their listings. As a result, the number of homes for sale with electric car charging facilities has increased. Electric cars are becoming more of a norm, and having the option to plug and play and be charged up overnight becomes ever appealing.

Among the reasons for the increase, researchers believe the rise is due to people upgrading their homes to accommodate electric cars. The recent rise in public charging points in Great Britain may have been a contributing factor. The environmental and green benefits is being given much more consideration with the rise of this fantastic technology. More people are making the effort to upgrade their homes to accommodate electric cars with estate agents highlighting the feature in their listings that can make properties stand out significantly. In fact, research has shown that prices of properties with charging ports have increased by almost 80% showing a rise in value after such installation.  

Charging points for all new builds?

An increase in homes for sale with electric car charging points could be due to the growing popularity of electric cars. The Government has set a date of 2030 by which it plans for the sale of traditional petrol and diesel cars to be banned. After that, hybrid vehicles will be allowed to continue to be sold for five years. By 2035, the aim is to have all new electric cars. In other words, it’s important for homeowners to upgrade their homes in order to make their homes more energy-efficient and future-proof.

The Prime Minister has recently introduced a new initiative to make installing EV charging points mandatory for new builds and properties having ‘major renovations’. This can be seen to be a major development in helping make the UK greener with the new measures applying to both homes and non-residential buildings, and renovations on properties with more than 10 parking spaces.


Interestingly, the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme complements the Prime Minister’s plans by providing a grant as a contribution to the installation of a charge point with the requirement being the applicant owning a qualifying vehicle. This could effectively save you hundred’s of pounds. With schemes such as this, the boom of electric vehicles can be seen to be imminent.

The benefits of reducing air pollution is often overridden by the range or miles anxiety for many electric vehicle owners. Installing a charge point at home whilst saving time waiting to charge up on the road and sometimes being generally cheaper, can take away this anxiety. Installing a home charging point gives you control over when you charge your car. Charging points can be hard to come by in some areas, and if you are not first in line, you could find yourself waiting around for the person in front to finish charging.

After the initial costs of installation, the cost of home charging varies depending on the car model and your electricity tariff. Essentially, a full charge could incur costs as little as £3 – meaning best case scenario your car could cost as little as 2p per mile. This of course can be a little more expensive given the factors discussed above but given the green considerations, it is more than worth it.

It might be worth joining the EV boom and getting yourself a charge point for your home.

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