Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Viewings

Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Viewings

Has your agent called in to arrange the first viewing of your property or did the previous viewings not go to plan? It is important to take steps before potential customers come to view your home, especially during this pandemic as safety should always be the primary concern. Here are a few tips to take on board.

Safety First!

The first and primary concern is always safety, of course. This is particularly important where the property is still being occupied and there are residents in the home. Ideally, it would be best to do the covid tests with several options available even with quick results. A top tip would be to keep as many windows open during and after the viewings so the air is filtered throughout the property.

Along with wearing masks, it could additionally be better to keep on offer disposable gloves but is something the viewer should be comfortable with first. As always, keeping a safe distance whilst the viewing is taking place is key. In fact, certain viewers such as those more vulnerable may feel more comfortable where there are fewer people around, so something to consider wherever possible.

After the viewing has taken place, it is best to keep the windows open for a short while.

Preparation, preparation, and preparation.

Buying or letting a new property is often a substantial change, for both parties involved. The viewing can be said to be like the first impression in an interview. It is a great opportunity for someone to fall in love with your home.  A top tip given by one of our agents was to ensure all lights are turned on so the property looks very bright throughout. Invest in some good quality bulbs and bring in a few extra lamps. It can help create a positive atmosphere from the get-go and make your home appear more inviting.

Remember that people love homes that have plenty of storage space. Try to make the closets look brighter by removing old clothes and placing them in storage cupboards. You can also hang up mirrors in the hallways to reflect more natural light.

Moving clutter around or putting away things that may not be so necessary is a good start. Then, remove clutter from the garden and placemats on the table. Move your bike to the side of the house and park your car around the corner. All of these steps will help buyers envision living in your home.

If you want to go the extra extra mile, you could hire some DIY specialists or a cleaning crew for your home. This may include washing the windows, renting a pressure washer, spraying sidewalks, and polishing chrome. You should also clean the interior of your home, dusting, and vacuuming prior to the viewing can go a long way. Of course, these are not musts but may help. In addition, you can place fresh flowers on the tables or in the hallways.

The kitchen is the of the key areas to attract potential buyers. To make the kitchen look attractive, remove any clutter from the kitchen and any unnecessary items. The bathroom should also be free of any stains and odours. The dining room should be free of dishes. A well-lit kitchen is essential for selling a home.

Another tip that can be useful is to keep the temperature of your home comfortably warm. With the windows open, it can make your house very chilly and uninviting. So it may be a good time to turn it up a little.

Take on Feedback

Your agent may provide some viewer feedback on the property. It is always good to listen to what the viewers thought as possible there could be some things to learn about your property and how to make it more appealing. For instance, it could simply be that there is tons of furniture which makes the property seem less spacious than it actually is or that viewers prefer more consistent paint colours rather than each room having its own distinct colour choice. This is particularly important in the circumstances where multiple viewers have made similar comments. Thus, where possible, small changes can be made to address these issues.

Overall, these are some great tips but it is understandable that not all are viable as it does require some time and effort. Best wishes on selling your property. 

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